Embarked laboratory

Let’s take up the challenge of a more accessible science on board a sailing boat to understand the marine microbiome!

Atlantea is the first expedition of the Plankton Mission, which aims to explore the potential of frugal science to assess the biodiversity of surface plankton in different environmental contexts. For this expedition, we will perform measurements and embark frugal instruments to participate in the understanding of the oceanic life that we do not see and that is nevertheless fundamental for the health of the Ocean and more globally of the planet: the marine microbiome!

Observe the invisible plankton: the marine microbiome!

This modular instrument under development by Genorobotics within the EPFL will allow a genetic study of pico and nano plankton! It is an adaptation of their CoWaS (Continuous Water Sampler) that their team is used to use on Lake Geneva.

An instrument to create images of plankton in a frugal way, here is the challenge that Plankton Planet has taken up by designing the Planktoscope that we will take on board.

Don’t miss anything! More instruments and sampling methods will be announced soon!

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