Who are we?

Who is behind Sailowtech ?

A team of science, sailing and ecology enthusiasts have decided to combine their knowledge and put their energy at the service of a sustainable project. Their common desire is to tackle one of the greatest challenges of their generation: the understanding and preservation of the oceans, in a global, intergenerational and intercultural context.

Aged between 20 and 29 years old, the team is organized according to different leaders behind which are hidden hard working teams. We are fortunate to be about 40 people working hand in hand. The team surrounds itself with quality partners and wise supporters to ensure scientific and sustainability rigor.


Lorraine Naux

Vice President

Christophe Roger


Juliette Merkelbach 

VP Social

Tania Pesic 

VP Outreach

Maud Faivre d’Arcier 

VP Expédition

Bénédicte Lunven 

VP Sciences

Lola Pricam 

Arthur Tabary 

VP Make

Shan Yao 

Story time …

I had just turned 10 when my passion for the ocean turned into a certitude :

“When I grow up, that’s what I will do in life.”

On the day I arrived at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, I realized that, despite the distance between me and the sea, despite the fact that the mountains had replaced the vastness of the ocean, I had never been so close from my childhood dreams. 

From there, the ambition was born to bring the worlds of research and adventure together, in what discovery is most important: passion.

Semester by semester, encounter by encounter, at the heart of an early adult life struck by two years of physical lockdown, I saw consciences around me openig up to new perspectives. The consciences were only waiting to awaken, while the awareness about the gravity of the environmental situation was becoming more and more consistent everyday.


The need to give meaning to academic studies, to a life turned towards learning, was gaining momentum day by day. On the year I turned 18, after having opened up an old diary dating back from when I was 10, in which there was a reference to this conference by Ghislain and Emmanuelle Bardout in the port of Saint-Brieuc, as well as a newspaper article on the Tara mission cut out for me by my great-grandmother, I decided to embark on a crazy project.

This project is why you are reading these words today. Sailowtech brings sailors, engineers, and students together.

But above all, we are young people turned towards the same horizon: to put our passion, our love of adventure, our skills and our knowledge at the service of understanding and protecting our most precious asset: the Ocean. In the most sustainable and ethical way possible.

Discovery, preservation, and transmission”


Margot Romelli – Founder and president of Sailowtech

Our values


Sailowtech guarantees transparency in its strategic choices, the management of its resources, the processing of all data produced and the sharing of experimental protocols. It is committed to being exemplary, ethical and virtuous in all its actions.


Sailowtech is committed to cultivating a culture of questioning and constructive criticism. It seeks relevance and rigor for all actions and awareness-raising initiatives related to the climate emergency and, more broadly, to its objectives.


Sailowtech is part of a global movement and supports similar initiatives. It wishes to facilitate participation and collaboration with all structures and individuals who share its values.

Open access

Sharing scientific knowledge and respect for nature with as many people as possible is a priority for Sailowtech. It is committed to allowing the broadest sharing of our data, discoveries, productions and reflections as well as allowing their use by third parties in the long term.