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SailowTech at Forum EPFL – 10.04.2022

[Translated from french]

“Associations and ecology have their place 

Beyond start-ups, associations have also found their place: Wednesday will be dedicated to NGOs, a first. Affable and passionate, Margot, 20 years old, presents the “Atlantea” expedition. The association she created, SailowTech, plans a 14-month crossing from Guinea to Greenland via the Caribbean, to study plankton and the impact of pollution on the species. “Carlina”, a 13-meter cutter, is already ready. “No one cares about plankton, it’s invisible. But it is 98% of the marine biomass and half of the oxygen of the planet”, she explains. Eventually, the goal is to offer expeditions to students to test scientific tools created beforehand. And to exploit the data. “The challenge is to combine research and sustainability, to raise awareness and encourage action. Tomorrow’s engineers will shape the world,” Margot explains. “

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