Raising the Ocean's voice

Raising awareness through scientific research and support of frugal and lowtech initiative through sustainable sailing.


Contribute to the global effort of understanding the marine microbiome through non-invasive data acquisition, frugal and low-tech innovations and open and participatory science.


Become an actor of the preservation of lakes and oceans by understanding them.


marine science with academic studies

future engineers to practice field science and toexplore and discover the mysteries of aquatic environments

instruments from frugal sciences capable of providing measures that are rigorous and standardized

through knowledge for the protection of aquatic ecosystems and to the Low-Tech philosophy

a field science, less invasive, less polluting and more environmentally friendly



 October 2023 – December 2024

Atlantea mark the beginning of the Mission Plankton. Its crew is involved in research in the plankton to deepen our understanding of the marine microbiome. For more than 12 months, they ride the waters in the Atlantic ocean from Brittany to the West Africa, Greenland, the Caribbean and Canada.

Alpine Lake

 February 2024

The expedition Alpine Lake marked the second stage of our Mission Plankton, following Atlantea closely. Designed to bring students closer to field science, this adventure has brought together twenty students for 10 days. This test platform we have created studied the Lake Geneva, developing our various tools.


 July 2024 August 2024

The last expedition of the Plankton Mission, Arvor will make the transition to our new projects. This expedition, organized in partnership with the Pacific Foundation, will take place over 3 weeks between the coasts of Brittany and the south of England, via the Isles of Scilly and Skomer Island. In all, around twenty students will have the chance to go on board the Mauritus to study the marine microbiome.

Camp Ocean

 May 18, 2024

Camp Ocean is a day organized by Sailowtech and Luc Voile of Lausanne. It will take place in the Cercle of the Voile de Vidy and the program is the following : introduction to sailing, conferences, lectures, workshops ... plunge into the world of navigation, frugal science and participatory science and Low-tech !

Photo de deux bateaux lors du camp océan 2023


 May 23, 2024

We are be pleased to be present at the new edition of Vivapoly. We will be under the arches of the Rolex Learning Center. Vivapoly is the feast of the campus EPFL. This event is open to everyone : the apprentices to the professors, phd students to the administrators, not to mention the students ! 

Fêtes maritimes

 July 18-21, 2024

Alongside Pacifique, we will be at Maritime festivals of Douarnenez few days before the start of our Arvor expedition.
On this occasion we will present you our tools and various projects on the Mauritius.


We are proud to have at our side, Justine Mettraux. The renowned Swiss skipper, regarded as one of the best navigators of her generation has won two editions of The Ocean Race and will take the start of the next Vendée Globe. Justine perfectly embodies the spirit of challenge and determination of our team. Her unwavering commitment and her remarkable journey across the oceans of the world make it a source of inspiration for us all.

Portrait de Justine Mettraux


It's extremely inspiring and innovative to develop a model that enables other students to share their skills in the service of science and exploration and a better understanding of the ocean, while at the same time raising awareness!

Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, Founder of Under The Pole et Atlantea's godmother

The key to saving our oceans lies in reconnecting people with their love for its inhabitants. Will then a deep respect, leading to a natural willingness of protection.

Sailowtech : a vibrancy out of the ordinary at the height of challenges to meet !

Guilhem Bench Prandi

Founder WeSea.org and Scientific Coordinator of the Transnational Red Sea Center

More than just a dream expedition·, the students of the Sailowtech project are proposing a frugal, participative and low-tech scientific practice, offering a concrete path to reintegrate scientific research within planetary limits.

Let's make sure as many researchers as possible·follow in their footsteps!

Michka Mélo

Design Consultant responsible for the VPT EPFL

Arthur Jacobs