Raising the voice of the Ocean

Raising awareness thanks to scientific research and supporting local frugal and Low-Tech initiatives through environment-friendly navigation.


If the values of Sailowtech resonate with you and you want to be a part of this great adventure, discover the different ways to contribute!

The Atlantea Expedition

More than 12 months around the Atlantic Ocean, looking for plankton, raising awareness, and going on advenures


Contributing to the global effort to understand the marine microbiome through non-invasive data acquisition, frugal and low-tech innovations and open and participatory science.

Raising awareness

Take part in the preservation of the oceans through the accessibility of knowledge

About us

« Raising the voice of the Ocean »

This is the mission that the Sailowtech association has set itself! We believe in the power of scientific discovery and the transmission of values for the preservation of the oceans and its inhabitants.

Concretely, Sailowtech offers sailing as support for low-tech and frugal scientific initiatives and makes scientific research accessible to raise awareness. We want as many people as possible to broaden their knowledge of the oceans and their preservation.

Sailowtech aims for exemplary rigor in terms of sustainability, cultural respect and experimental protocols. The core of the association, carried by an energetic and attentive spirit, is anchored in a dynamic of scientific and social solidarity by surrounding itself with precious partners and supporters.

Open Hands

It’s extremely inspiring and innovative to develop a model that can involve other students in providing skills for science and exploration and a better understanding of the ocean while raising awareness!

Emmanuel Périé-Bardout, Under The Pole Founder and Sailowtech's Patron

The key to saving our oceans lies in reconnecting people with their love for their inhabitants. The result will be a deep respect, leading to a natural desire to protect them.

Sailowtech: an extraordinary dynamism to meet the challenges ahead!

Guilhem Bench Prandi

WeSea.org Founder and Scientific Coordinator of the Transnational Red Sea Center

More than just a dream expedition, the students of the Sailowtech project are proposing a frugal, participative and low-tech scientific practice, offering a concrete path to reintegrate scientific research within planetary limits. Let’s make sure as many researchers as possible follow in their footsteps!

Michka Podge

VPT EPFL Sustainability Consultant

Our missions

Take part in global ocean data-taking through scientific expeditions. Share the measures with as many people as possible and take low-tech innovations on board to aim for minimum environmental impact.

Participate in events, contests and workshops to meet you and share our cause with you. Make fundamental scientific concepts on the oceans and the adventures of the association accessible on our social media platforms, website and Youtube channel. And finally, during the expedition, encourage local networks to raise awareness of nature protection and offer educational workshops on site.

First large-scale project: Expedition Atlantea

Our flagship project, Expedition Atlantea is a laboratory on board a sailboat which will experience a thrilling adventure all around the North Atlantic Ocean. From French Brittany to West Africa, Greenland via the Caribbean and Canada, the crew will embark on the pursuit of understanding the marine microbiome. Across five seas and one ocean, they will use their scientific equipment and meke it endure the reality of the sea. Stopovers will be accompanied by awareness-raising interventions and the boat will be fitted out to be the most environmentally friendly possible through the use of low-tech devices used on a daily basis.

They trust us

Let’s talk about it !

Be it about a partnership, a suggestion or even an advice or a question, the whole committee of Sailowtech is open to absolutely any discussion. Contact us !